Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ali Larter Filmoprofile

Resident Evil: Extinction
"Heroes" (5/5 - greatest show of my life!! - well at least one of them)
A Lot Like Love (1/5 - I'd watch The Village again before I see this movie again)
Final Destination 2 (3/5 - not my fave FD installment, but still pretty good)
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (4/5 - Love this movie!!)
American Outlaws (3/5 - two words: Guilty Pleasure)
Legally Blonde (4/5 - I can watch the ending of the movie over and over again!)
Final Destination (4/5 - The best one, the one that started it all)
House on Haunted Hill (3/5 - Geoffrey Rush *drools*)
Drive Me Crazy (3/5 - Adrien Grenier's breakout film :D)
Varsity Blues

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