Thursday, February 1, 2007

Video Post!

Here are some fan videos I've made. I posted them to YouTube a while back. There's a description under each one. Enjoy.

Here's a Jackass fanvid I made. It's pretty random and pointless. It highlights all of Number Two, and for some reason I used Hot Chocolate's I Believe In Miracles...

This is one of my faves and I just love how it flows. It's from the Prison Break episode Rendezvous. It highlights the whole Michael/Sara/Mahone chase scene, etc.

This here is an Armageddon fanvid that shows the "Hot Stuff" in the movie. Mostly shows William Fichtner.

A Kidnapped fanvid BEFORE the show got canceled. It makes me mad because lately all I've seen are all the actors from the show on different movies, and TV shows etc.

Abruzzi's Death is the feature in this Prison Break fanvid. It shows the moment leading up to his death in the episode First Down. For some unknown reason, I used the song Walk Like a Man by the Four Seasons....because I'm weird like that.

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