Thursday, February 1, 2007

Prison Break Review (2x15)

When you see this image (the image above) you will know that I will be recapping what happened on the previous episode of Prison Break. You can see my rating in the bottom right hand corner.

If you have missed PB and do not want to know what happened, please do not read the following. I have made it so that you can not read the words at first glance.

If you would like to read the following just hold down the SHIFT button as well as the PLUS(+) button.

Monday's episode of Prison Break was entitled, The Message. Michael and Lincoln captured a cameraman and forced him to tape them. They created a message stating that they were innocent and the president was behind the accusations. They also left behind some clues for the FBI purposely showing that they were "lying" about the entire thing. They didn't want them to know at all. What they really wanted was to send a message to Sara. Michael used keywords of Sara's Alcoholics Anonymous book to help her figure out where he wanted to meet up. Mahone discovers what Michael really wanted and starts his hunt for Sara.

Kellerman gets a phone call from the president as Michael is on the phone with Sara. She could not make it in time to meet him. She found another way to come in contact with him instead. The president asks Kellerman to bring the brothers in asap.

Sucre meets a man on a bus who gives him a place to stay. Sucre is still on his way to get to Maricruz. He steals the man's car and is pulled over. The police bring Sucre back to the man and he says he forgot to give him gas money. He tells Sucre to find his girl, as well as grace.

Bellick's face is wicked messed up and asks Kate (the chick who outed Sara) if he can stay in the infirmary another night. He gets a surprise visit from Mahone, where he tells him what Michael's message means only to be able to be isolated from the other prisoners.

Haywire meets a girl who he ends up crushing on. He sees that she is badly hurt and she tells him that her father beats her. He sneaks around, following her back home and beats her father. He may have killed him, but I'm not sure.

There was no T-Bag in this episode, so basically it sucked. LMAO but Mahone looked all hot with his weakness from the bullet. *drools*

the font isn't all that small, but just don't read it lol

Rating: 1.5/3 Stars

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