Friday, March 30, 2007

Ed Wood Review

Starring: Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, Sarah Jessica Parker, Patricia Arquette

This movie was awesome! Seeing Johnny Depp in a dress and in love with Angora sweaters was the greatest experience of life...okay well not quite. There was a flashback of seeing Johnny as Sam (from Benny and Joon) in this movie where he mouths the words to his movie, whereas in Benny and Joon, he mouths the words to Ruthie's (Julianne Moore) movie.

I love the Bela Legosi parts with Martin Landau. "Pull The Strings!" and my all-time favourite, "You Must Be Double Jointed...and Hungarian" lmao but of course, you have to do the hand gesture at the same time or else it wouldn't be as good.

I hated Sarah Jessica Parker in this movie...I hate her in any movie. She sucks and that's that. Patricia Arquette is cool though.

Bill Murray was the creepiest gay guy on the face of the planet in this movie. He just wasn't believable for me.

All I can say is "The green dress or the red?" "Which one is which?" lmao.

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