Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Elvis Presley

I have 2 different opinions on Elvis Presley.

First of all, I love his music to death. My favourite song would have to be "Return to Sender" because it's a song that has a story attached to it. I can listen to that song again and again. Elvis has such a great voice that it doesn't really matter what he sings, it will sound good no matter what. There is no song by Elvis Presley that I don't like.

Secondly, his movies (although bad) are one of my biggest guilty pleasures. Whenever there's a movie on TV starring Elvis, I get so excited. When I miss the first little bit of an Elvis movie, I get so upset that I basically think the world will end (then I realize they will re-air the movie in the next few hours or days and I get over it). My favourite Elvis movie would have to be King Creole. It is one of those movies that just emphasizes Elvis' "bad boy" look. None of the Elvis movies had the best plot, seeing as Elvis told people that he was basically playing the same role in each film.

Even though his star was fading towards the end, I think Elvis is one of the greatest things to happen in the history of Rock and Roll.

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