Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ginger Rogers

I first saw Ginger Rogers (and fell in love with her acting, as well as fashion style) in the movie "The Gay Divorcee" (alongside Fred Astaire - who is also amazing). What I loved was how she was such a great counterpart to Fred Astaire. I realized I had a new favourite actress during the dance sequence to the song "Night and Day" sung by Fred Astaire.

I loved her dress and they way her dancing complimented Fred Astaire's. the chemistry between the two was amazing and I no longer wondered why they had done so many movies with one another.

To this date, I've seen four out of the nine movies Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers have been in together and have loved each and every one. My favourite would have to be "Shall We Dance" because it reminded me of celebrities today and how everything they do ends up in the tabloids or in the news, etc.

The one movie I want to see more than any would have to be "Top Hat" to see the famous "Cheek to Cheek" sequence. I've wanted to see that movie ever since I first saw The Green Mile.

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