Saturday, July 7, 2007

1408 Movie Review

John Cusack as Mike Enslin (Sixteen Candles, Con Air)
Samuel L. Jackson as Gerald Olin (Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane)
Mary McCormack as Lily Enslin (Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star)

Brief Synopsis:
*A writer who researches supposed haunted locations, hears about the room 1408 at the Dolphin Hotel in New York. He goes and weasels his way into the room (which took what felt like FOREVER)
*He starts experiencing weird things in the room such as the radio only ever playing The Carpenters, the temperature of the room keeps changing, the water burns his hand, he sees his dead daughters, Olin is in the fridge, etc.
*At one point, we believe Enslin is saved only to end up seeing he was hallucinating in the room
*He sets himself on fire and all is well...well that's what it seems until Mike turns on his recorder and plays it in front of his wife where they hear the voice of their dead daughter.

What I Liked:
*I got to see the preview of Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween
*Mary McCormack looks good with brown hair (she looks much younger)
*Tony Shaloub wasn't in it very long
*The Carpenters
*Based on a short story by Stephen King

What I Hated:
*The acting
*The story
*The bad special effects
*The cheesy lines
*The cheesy ending
*Wasn't scary whatsoever

Fangirl Moments:
*NONE!! There was no eye candy unless you like aging teen movie has beens like John Cusack.

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