Thursday, July 5, 2007

28 Days Later Movie Review

Cillian Murphy as Jim
Naomie Harris as Selena

Brief Synopsis:
*We first see a group of animal rights activists trying to save the day when really they screw the whole thing up by setting free some chimpanzees infected with rage.
*We then see a hot Irishman (aka Cillian Murphy) in a hospital bed (NAKED!!) who wakes up and realizes everybody has evacuated the city due to "infected"s. He meets up with two others (Selena and some other guy who gets killed by Selena)
Anywho Jim and Selena find Frank and Hannah - Frank dies - they are taken to a military base camp type place and Jim finds out the leader is a FREAK "I promised them women"...what a psycho.
*Anyways, Jim goes psychotic and kills EVERYONE...well indirectly and directly and gets shot in the process but makes it in the end...because he's hott.

What I liked:
*The nudey scene
*The kissing/biting scene (Hannah comes in the room while Jim and Selena are kissing and thinks he's biting Selena - "I thought he was biting you" - "I was kissing her!!") lmao good times
* Jim running around with no shirt on, blood everywhere

What I hated:
*I can't think of anything right now

Fangirl moments:
*The nudey scene
*The shaving scene
*Every scene with Cillian, basically

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