Saturday, July 7, 2007

Smokin' Aces Review

Jeremy Piven as Buddy "Aces" Israel (Entourage)
Ray Liotta as Agent Carutthers (Corrina, Corrina, Heartbreakers)
Ryan Reynolds as Agenst Messner (Van Wilder, Amityville Horror)
Ben Affleck as Jack Dupree
Peter Berg as "Pistol" Pete Deeks (Fire in the Sky, Corky Romano, Directed The Rundown, Friday Night Lights [movie and show])
Martin Henderson as Hollis Elmore (The Ring)
Andy Garcia as Stanley Locke (Ocean's 12 & 13)
Chris Pine as Darwin Tremor (Just My Luck, Princess Diaries 2)

Brief Synopsis:
*A Las Vegas performer turned snitch is to testify against the mob when agents Messner and Carruthers hear the mob talking about killing Israel for $1 000 000 and taking his heart for the mob boss Sparrazza; the agents are on their way to Lake Tahoe when they realize a lot of people will be after Israel.
*Jack Dupree and two ex cops are on their way to pick up Israel and bring him back to Las Vegas; two of them get killed by the Tremor brothers
*Tremors steal security suits for the hotel that Israel is staying at; they get to the penthouse floor only to battle security guards as well as Ivy, Israel's friend/bodyguard
*Pasquale Acosta, famed for his torture techniques, is also looking to kill Israel; he kills the head security guy and takes his identity to get to Israel. He meets up with Agent Carruthers and they have a wicked awesome gun fight in the elevator.
*Lazlow Soot - nobody knows what he looks like - disguises himself as the people who are closest to Israel including the butler and Israel's friend/bodyguard, Hugo
*Georgia and Sharice are a couple of contract killers; Georgia dresses up like a prostitute in order to get closer to Israel but is slowed down when the elevators are down and she finds both Acosta and Carruthers dying in the elevator
*Hollis Elmore survives the attack from the Trmor brothers and finds his way to the worst place with that annoying kid with A.D.D. and his weirdo grandmother.
*In the end, Israel is taken off protective custody because the FBI found new evidence in the case - The man they thought was a mob boss was really an undercover agent who had gotten tons of plastic surgery since the 1950's. The reason why he wanted Israel's heart was for a transplant - Israel was Sparrazza's son.
*Messner kills both Israel and Sparrazza in the end by taking them both off life support.

What I Liked:
*The elevator scene (Acosta and Carruthers)
*The scene where Israel throws the card into Ivy's eye
*The scene where Soot is disguised as a crippled man (nobody would ever suspect) and he jumps up and shoots the guys
*The scene where Dupree dies and Darwin comes over and starts using him as a puppet

What I Hated:
*Sharice...she was boring
*The little Tremor brother...he was useless
*Deeks died early
*Not enough Jason Bateman

Fangirl Moments:
*Peter Berg...naturally
*Darwin Tremor...hottness (not Chris Pine...just Darwin)
*Soot was a dream boat...well not for most people, but for me
*Jeremy Piven = a god

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