Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Wind That Shakes the Barley Movie Review

Cillian Murphy as Damien O'Donovan
Padriac Delaney as Teddy O'Donovan
Orla Fitzgerald as Sinead

Brief Synopsis:
*Damien join a resistance group, working to free Ireland from the British, led by Teddy; when they believe a truce has formed, they are outraged to see that everything is still not well. While Teddy joins the other side, Damien fights for the right of the Irish people.
*In the end, Teddy had Damien killed by shooting squad

What I Liked:
*Not as disturbing as expected

What I Hated:
*Too long

Fangirl moments:
*Cillian Murphy was the only reason I went to see it
*Padriace Delaney was hot too...until he killed Cillian

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